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Brian T. Powers

(Recently Named One of San Antonio's Top Attorneys by Scene in SA - 2013)

San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney, Brian Powers, is an established, full service criminal defense law firm with over a decade of experience. Don't leave your case, your freedom, and your name to a defense attorney you have never met. Arrange an immediate and free consultation with Mr. Powers to learn about your options. There is no worse feeling than the touch of cold handcuffs on your wrists and the unsettling feeling that you are alone. Don't fight your criminal case alone. Fight it with an experienced attorney who will relentlessly defend your rights.

As a former decorated police officer, a former felony prosecutor and an accomplished criminal defense attorney, Mr. Powers can help protect your rights and your freedom. A felony arrest could mean serving anywhere from six months up to a lifetime in prison. A criminal charge, even a simple misdemeanor, can blemish your criminal record and have a permanent impact on your future.

You owe it to yourself to know your options. Whether its a family violence assault, a drug offense, a DWI, or a serious felony, Mr. Powers is here to protect you. You deserve the choice of a skilled criminal defense. Mr. Powers is that choice. Contact Brian Powers right now.


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